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Virtual News Net (VNN) is a company/brand identity for Online Electronic Publishing developed for newspaper publishers by its parent, Software Advantage Consulting Corporation (SACC).

SACC was founded in 1986 by David P. Miller who started developing business application software in 1979 for major Detroit area corporations.

In 2000 SACC engaged with a small suburban Detroit newspaper to develop a web site that would allow them to easily post their paper to the Internet. This engagement resulted in the emergence of VNN, a software solution that provides a way to manage stories, advertising and a Discussion Forum that promotes a sense of community. The content management engine that drives many of the dynamic web sites created by SACC is the base software for VNN's content management.

VNN has been working with newspapers over the last 6 years to refine the software offering for their online solution for newspapers and defining and developing a marketing approach that will allow newspapers to actually profit from their online editions.

Offering a content management solution that is profitable, easy to use, requires very little of a newspapers resources to publish online and is affordable for the small to mid-sized newspaper market place in the U.S is the mission of VNN.

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