Is it possible to show certain categories one week and then different ones the following week?

Yes. You have complete control over how to organize your on-line publication. Enter all of your sections and categories and only the categories that have stories attached them will be displayed in any given issue.

Is it possible to have more than one photo or graphic associated with a particular story?

Yes. When you add new stories, you have complete control over where image will appear and how many images. You can even build a gallery of pop-up images when you cover major events.

Can my reporters send their stories to the website & be barred from publishing until the story has editorial approval?

Absolutely, your reporters/authors can enter their stories on-line from wherever they are and the editor controls which stories will appear and when the stories are locked from further editing.

It is very important that we alert our readership to upcoming community events. Does the VNN system provide for this?

Yes. You have a powerful calendar of events that can be updated to keep your readership up to date for upcoming events.

I want to be able to assign my classified ads to any category that I like. Is this possible with the system?

Certainly, with our powerful Classified Ad section you have complete control over classified ad categories.

My current system makes me process the ads then manually upload to the website and that takes a lot of time. How does your system handle this process?

Our automated Classified Ad upload process saves you a lot of time from having to re-enter classified ads to your on-line edition by eliminating the normal manual load after backend processing.

My readers have told me that they would like to place their classified ads online, can VNN do this?

Now your readers can submit their classified ads on-line in a secure environment.

Is there any way to know if we are getting visitors to our Banner & Button ads?

Yes. Our Banner Ads and Button Ads management system provides you with complete statistics as to how many times a banner or button ad has been displayed and how many click-throughs it has had.

Is it possible for one of my advertisers to have a Button or click pop up ad without having a website?

Your advertisers do not have to have their own website to advertise with a Button. We create a button ad when you upload a click-it pop-up button ad for your advertiser.

Will my Real Estate advertisers be able to place ads that will be like those found on Realtor.com & other large aggregate sites?

Yes. With our comprehensive Real Estate advertising section, your readers can look up homes that meet specific criteria and see color pictures of homes just like the powerful Real Estate web sites.

My advertising revenues are really suffering because off declining auto sales revenue. The big national sites are killing me… can VNN help?

Yes, in addition to the classified ads section, your readers/advertisers can upload cars/trucks and RVs with pictures into a powerful searchable automotive database. You retain control by approving all ads.
Now you can upload a Display Ad and our system can automatically create the button ad for you.

What kind of manual process is necessary to create a button ad for a Display Ad?

None - now you can upload a Display Ad and our system can automatically create the button ad for you.

Can I load stories, advertising and etc prior to the publish date and wait for approval before going live online?

Sure, all Stories, Display Ads, Classified Ads, Button Ads and Banner Ads can be entered in advance of the issue giving you complete preview control before you release an issue of your publication to the public.

My readers are very keen on being able to access previous issues… does VNN offer this type of capability?

As soon as you publish the new issue, the previous issue will go into the Archive Lookup. Your readers can easily lookup past issues.

The readers of our current online edition get frustrated because they have trouble finding a particular article they want to refer to. They must scan all of the issue to find something… does VNN offer an ability to search the issues?

Yes. Your readership can use the powerful keyword search to lookup up past stories by keyword or key phrase.

Our readers want to be able to jump from a point in a story to a related article or other data…can you do this?

You can easily create links to other sites, within stories, attached to stories or as a category selection.

We want to offer a place on our website for reader feedback and interaction. Is this possible with VNN?

Our on-line discussion forum feature will pull more involvement from your readership. Keep them coming back for more!

It is important to us to be able to query our readership about certain items from time to time… how would VNN handle something like this?

Create Surveys and questionnaires to collect valuable information from your readership and increase participation in your publication.

We want to be able to communicate with our readers on an ongoing basis without spamming them to death. Does VNN offer an Opt-in email capability?

You can keep in touch with your readership and keep them coming back for more when they opt-in to your email list. You can send out teaser text of stories with links that point them back to your publication to keep your traffic up and retain interest.

Could we use our website edition to somehow recruit new readers?

Yes. You can increase your paper subscription base by using the Pop-Under Trial Subscription sign up feature.

We are very interested in getting additional demographics about our readers… how could we do it with VNN?

You can offer free reports to your advertisers and collect valuable prospecting information in the process.

We want to understand the “What, Whe, Who” of visitors to our online edition… what does VNN offer?

You can gather statistics by banner impressions/click-through, button impressions/click-through, page impressions, story impressions and overall statistics to see visitor patterns within your publication.

What is a Button ad?

A Button Ad is a smaller version of a baner ad. These are generally listed along the right-hand side of the screen in different sections. They provide click-through capability and tracking.

What is a Pop up or Click It ad?

While a normal Button ad provides alinkag to a customer's website, a Pop-up or Click It ad provides the ability to show a larger version of the ad as an image.

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